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A coffee table wrapped up for transporting

How we ship your goods

As a business, we rely heavily on great reviews and word-of-mouth to grow. Striving for successful deliveries each and every time then is a must. We calculate business success in a number of ways – one we keep a very close eye on is our delivery success rate.

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Producing Reclaimed Timber Furniture

Production processes & completion stages for our reclaimed timber furniture follow a set of outlined work stages.

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example lead time air table log

Order Lead Times

We estimate this at the very beginning of each job. The standard lead time of 2 – 4 weeks is usually displayed around our various selling platforms – this gives you an accurate completion time frame.

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two coffee tables waiting to be collected

Collection Vs. Delivery

We offer various options when it comes to taking receipt of your reclaimed timber furniture. Whether you’d prefer to collect or have it delivered we can accommodate your request (and offer some compelling reasons for both!..)

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reclaimed timber coffee table with business card

Why Choose Rustic Reclaimed Wood For Your Future Furniture?

The overall look and feel of wooden furniture can invoke a feeling of being connected with nature and has brought joy to many homes across the country.

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