Producing Reclaimed Timber Furniture

Quality, it’s what sets us apart…

Our finished products and the look on your face – both are equally paramount to the successful delivery of our promise: beautifully hand-crafted reclaimed timber furniture with a truly rustic feel.

Production processes & completion stages for our reclaimed timber furniture usually follow a set of outlined work stages:

1. Purchase all order specific reclaimed timber from one of our suppliers
2. Assess customer order requirements, ensuring we have all the required materials & tools
3. Measure the reclaimed timber out to the sizes needed for the order
4. Saw all reclaimed timber to size & sanity check final pieces

1. Clean, Rough sand, medium sand & smooth detailing sand.
2. Measure and mark out all joining areas
3. Complete all joint work and clean joining edges
4. Offer-up and dry-fit all sections, ensuring the unit fits together tightly

1. Clean work surfaces & prep for applying finishes
2. Coat the clean, smooth, reclaimed timber with selected finishes

1. Clean work surfaces & prep for glueing & clamping
2. Glue & Clamp all areas tightly until joints & fittings have set

1. Inspect & detail the finished unit carefully
2. Check in-house delivery schedule & advise customer of ETA

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