Why Choose Rustic Reclaimed Wood For Your Future Furniture?

Making a choice between rustic furniture made from reclaimed materials, or furniture made from new materials, isn’t usually a choice you have to make when choosing furniture… Let us tell you why the decision you make can lead to two very different outcomes.

Reclaimed wood is warmer than new materials.

The UK is geographically located across an area of the planet that sees both warm and cold seasons, however, the temperatures at ambient are usually warmer than man-made materials such as marble, glass and steel. These materials are less efficient at holding onto warmth than natural materials such as wood.

Reclaimed wood is a natural material, which warms quickly and easily with the room temperature, requiring little energy to do so.

The overall look and feel of wooden furniture can invoke a feeling of being connected with nature and has brought joy to many homes across the country. We are an extremely advanced species, of which came from humble beginnings – the earth is part of us and we enjoy it, both consciously and subconsciously.

Reclaimed wood is better for the planet

It’s a subject we are now all very aware of. The subject is not going to cure itself, we must intervene in order to help. Here at The Woodshed Store UK Ltd, we are supporting the repair of planet earth through the use of reclaimed materials and efficient production techniques during production to ensure we are leaving as little a carbon footprint as possible.

We have recently begun an initiative that promotes the return of our packaging materials for reuse. With the added benefit of a refund issued by yours truly we are giving our customers a route to help the cause which is refunded, costing the customer nothing, not a penny, £0.